About Us

Natural Rhythms

The Natural Rhythms' curriculum is custom-designed for individuals, businesses, spiritual institutions, and schools. No two classes are the same, yet each class promotes mindfulness, nature-based sensory integration, socio-emotional competency, physical development, autonomy, and environmental stewardship.  We believe in the innate divine intelligence and healing of children, of adults, of our bodies, and our planet.

Practitioners and Resources

Sharon Pratt

Willow Roca
Prepper Wellness Coach

Deborah Dowling
Divine Healer

AK Aveksha
Doctor of Ayurveda, Hemp Farm Owner, CBDline, and Vedic Priest

Asar Dumah
Artistic Oracle

Dr. Renee McSwain
Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Holistic Wellness Center Founder and Owner

Nadia Bey
Yoga Teacher and Health Coach

Doula and Space Curator

Tanya Mena
Massage Therapist

Anjuli George
Acupuncturist, Yoga Teacher, and Family Constellation Facilitator

Brooke Ridgeway
Soul Tech

Baram Kim
Nature Teacher

Juanita Purcell 

Freedom Creator, Harlemz First Lady, Full Stack Developer, Tax Accountant, Talent Agent


Automation and Processing Consulting 

Kuna Hamad 

Photographer, Videographer, Zouk Instructor

Sarah Lasko 
Content Writer and Social Media Strategist

Chandani Uyanwatte
Nourishment Consulting and Catering 

DC Scroger
Sustainability and Grow Guru

Dr. Kara Nance
Doctor, Nonviolent Communication Leader, and Resonance Leader

Landmark Education

Language Philosophy and Life 

Dr. Laurena White
Acupuncturist and Holistic Wellness Podcast Host